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E-cubed Lab Feb 2016


In the E3 Lab, we borrow tools from functional genomics, directed evolution, microbiology and enzymology to address a fundamental question in molecular evolution:

Where do new enzymes and metabolic pathways come from?

Grappling with this question gives us insights for designing proteins that have biomedical and biotechnological applications.

You can find us in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Otago.


Gator   Alex's verdict: the science and the pinot gris were excellent. The sauvignon blanc – not so much!
Congratulations (and farewell) to Dr. Danni!
Gator   Danni rebuffed her PhD examiners with poise and style. And then we celebrated!
Welcome to Mica Garcia and Lee Tejada
Mica and Lee   Mica and Lee have joined us from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, for their "summer" student-ships. Enjoy!
It takes commitment...
Plate tower   ...to win the E3 Lab's "Heaviest Biohazard Bag of the Month" prize!
Congrats to our E3 graduates!
Tramping   Congrats to Brittany S. (BSc), James C. (BSc Hons) and Mike F. (MSc) for walking across the stage with aplomb!
PNAS pinot
Tramping   Matilda's HisA paper is finally out in PNAS. Wayne and Maria celebrated in the traditional E3 style!
Data Collection Coach Selmer in action
Tramping   In April, Maria schooled Jodi and Wayne on data collection and Swedish punk at the Australian Synchrotron.
Lab Tramp 2.0: Aspiring Hut
Tramping   'Twas a great weekend for walking, cheese, feasting, cheese, star-gazing, cheese, swim-ming, and cheese!