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E-cubed Lab


We are a bunch of enzymologists, microbiologists, protein engineers, synthetic biologists and evolutionary biologists who grapple with fundamental and applied questions in the molecular biosciences.

We've recently relocated from the University of Otago to the School of Biological Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington, so this website is a bit historical. Still – check it out, and check back soon for a fresh new look and exciting new science!


Graduation, part 2
Danni   Special congratulations to the lab's longest-serving member, Danielle Maddock, PhD!
Graduation, part 1
Grads   Congratulations to Stephanie Cho (BSc), Ruth Platt (BSc) and Nick Tenci (BSc Hons, plus the Edson Prize)!
Have a very hunky Christmas!
Hunks   The E3 xmas party had disc golf, Secret Santa, mad beer pong skills, and the hunkiest men on the planet. Pretty average, then.
Quiz Night victors
Quiz   Team :NMR proved to be an unstoppable force at the Department's annual Quiz Night. It was Susie's singing wot won it!
Gator   Alex's verdict: the science and the pinot gris were excellent. The sauvignon blanc – not so much!
Congratulations (and farewell) to Dr. Danni!
Gator   Danni rebuffed her PhD examiners with poise and style. And then we celebrated!
Welcome to Mica Garcia and Lee Tejada
Mica and Lee   Mica and Lee have joined us from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, for their "summer" student-ships. Enjoy!
It takes commitment...
Plate tower   ...to win the E3 Lab's "Heaviest Biohazard Bag of the Month" prize!